Carlsen reigns supreme in his Invitational online super GM event!

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Credits- MagnusCarlsen.Com/ Chess24

Magnus Carlsen yet again proved to the world why he is a champion on the 64 squares. Despite the regular tournaments being cancelled, Carlsen took the opportunity to organise his own super GM invitational tournament, which we wrote about in our previous post.

The tournament concluded on May 3rd ,and it was Carlsen, himself, who took away the bragging rights of being the Champion by defeating the American GM Hikaru Nakamura in a thrilling encounter by the score line of 2.5-1.5.

With his victory, Carlsen went home richer by $70,000, while Nakamura received $45,000 and the two other semi-finalists, Ding Liren and Fabiano Caruana, pocketed $30,000 each. The four other competitors in the round robin also received some cash prizes for their participation to take the overall prize pool to $250,000. This is definitely not a small purse for an online event, in fact is the largest ever in virtual chess history.

The invitational was sponsored by Magnus Carlsen owned companies and his partners- being the broadcasting channel. Some solid GMs and titled players provided live match commentary and post game analysis, making it feel like any regular competitive tournament.

Now, one has one’s eyes set on the next few events lined up on the chess circuit, which are rapidly paving the way for a new era of online chess.

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Magnus Carlsen Invitational

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Magnus Carlsen is known for his force on the chess world, currently holding the crown of the World Champion. However, his ability to control every situation with the greatest amount of grit and determination cannot be side-lined. When the world faces such an evolution, Carlsen used his technique of grinding out his opponents into creating a boon for the chess community. He started the one-of-a-kind Magnus Carlsen Invitational tournament online, with a prize fund that is the largest ever for an online tournament worth $250,000.

The invitational has a competitive pool with some of the world’s current strongest players contesting for the grand prize. From April 18th-May 3rd, one is bound to get action-packed rapid chess from these elite GMs. In all, there will be seven rounds in the round-robin, which will be followed by a semi-final and finale for the top four. Carlsen is followed by Caruana, Nakamura, Giri, Ding Liren, Alireza Firouzja, Nepomniachtchi, and MVL in this high-quality event.

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Photo Credit- Fred Jonny and Lennart Ootes; Source- 

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Vishy Anand’s ‘Mind Master:Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life’

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Vishy Anand released his autobiography Mind Master: Winning Lessons from a Champion’s Life on December 11, 2019. Devachess recommends this book to all its followers. A recent review of the book can be found on Sportskeeda through the link below.

If you want to purchase a copy of Mind Master, click on the image below. Buying through this link also supports our partner non-profit, the Devanshi Rathi Foundation through the Amazon associates program.

Magnus Carlsen Wins the Treble!

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All the winners in one frame! Credits- Official Tournament Website, 2019
Credits- Official Website, 2019

Magnus Carlsen is known for his sheer genius on the 64 squares. Time and again he has proven his superiority on the chessboard. 2019 has been an absolutely thrilling ride for the champion with 10 tournament victories and an unbeaten track record in the classical format with over 100+ games and counting. His latest achievements include reclaiming his World rapid crown and defending his World blitz title at the King Salman World Rapid and Blitz Championships held in Moscow from December 25-30 at the beautiful Luzhniki Stadium.

With these trophies, he holds all the three World titles together, a feat he had earlier achieved in 2014. Additionally, he now has twelve world titles- 4 in classical, 3 in rapid, and 5 in blitz. This is a feat that all the chess fans are bound to remember forever!

The World Rapid and Blitz Championships drew participation from some strong competitors in the open and women’s sections. Magnus had a slow start to the tournament, but he came back on track on the second and third days to take home the rapid championship.

When asked about what his future tournaments were, Carlsen gave a fitting reply by responding that the event wasn’t over and his job was only “half-done” as he wanted to win the Blitz as well. In fact, he even mentioned that being slightly superior in his positions made him fight harder for the full point instead of settling for a mere draw, which is usual in similar conditions.

Although Magnus won the rapid without a playoff, the blitz wasn’t so easy. He had to face America’s Hikaru Nakamura in the tie-break match. Besides, he was lucky against Firouzja Alireza who had three additional pawns in an opposite-colored Bishop endgame and flagged against Carlsen, in an unfashionable way, who took away the full point. Despite the $300 protest made by the former, Carlsen’s victory declared by the arbiter (as it could theoretically still be won by Carlsen according to official rules without any pawns for himself) stood steady. Therefore, Magnus didn’t lose his chances for the title owing to this incident.

The three Blitz medal winners. Credits: Official Website, 2019
The three Blitz medal winners. Credits: Official Website, 2019

The tournament also saw the participation of the retired former world champion Vladimir Kramnik, who showed that he still had the magical touch as he finished with a bronze medal in the blitz section. Nakamura had a decent outing with medals in both sections. The Blitz King, as Nakamura is known worldwide, might have been disappointed in losing to Carlsen in the tie-break in the end.

With Magnus’ victory in these events, he ends the year by clinching the top spots in all the three formats of the game. The top spot in the Classical is a rank that he hasn’t let go of since almost the beginning of this decade, despite having some ups and downs in the other two. What started as a decade dominated by Carlsen, who even dethroned the five-time former Indian World Champion Vishy Anand, has finished with an even greater grip for the Norwegian Numero Uno. One can now only wait eagerly to enter the new decade and see where the world of chess is headed with the Carlsen mania. So, here’s to 2020!

A one-of-a-kind tournament in Delhi!

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The beauty of chess is the diversity that it brings with it. The mind sport is played by millions across the globe, and it is a means of an alternative education that doesn’t discriminate on the basis of physical abilities or financial means. To promote this outlook of the game, two youngsters are organising a one-of-a-kind event in New Delhi from the 14th-15th December, 2019 with their tagline being ‘Samvedna’, which closely translates to sensitivity in English. The idea behind this venture is to promote chess amongst all the ‘bastis’ or slums in Delhi. With a prize fund of a whopping 55K Rupees for an unrated tournament, this championship is offering a unique platform to its players. Participants can also battle it out in a quiz on chess, a tactics fight, and even indulge in a popular chess variant called bughouse. However, the rapid and blitz sections are the places to go for the serious participants.

Our non-profit arm, the Devanshi Rathi Foundation, is proud to be associated with this event. If you’re in Delhi during the dates mentioned, do consider dropping by and competing in this wonderful tournament! It will be a bright light for your new year!

More details can be found on the social media channels of Samvedna chess. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram!














A packed October!

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October is almost mid-way but the chess doesn’t seem to be stopping at the highest levels. There is absolute action-packed drama at the top. The early part of the month saw the conclusion of the FIDE World Cup in Russia, a month long quest to gain entry to the Candidates tournament and win the World Cup, which was won by the grandmaster from Azerbaijan, Teimour Radjabov. Besides, the World Youth Championships in India and the Isle of Man tournament are currently underway. The World Juniors are next in line post the World Youth, also in India. So, it’s a busy October for chess fans. A lot to learn, so get going with your chess boards!

Darpan Inani Shatters Records!

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Credits- Niklesh Jain, Chessbase India

Darpan Inani became the first Indian blind player to cross the 2100 ELO rating threshold and the current active player in Asia to have this record. Read his interview on Sportskeeda with the author of this blog to find out more about Inani’s thoughts, training, career goals, and more!


Nihal Sarin Secures Record Deal with Indian Brand Akshayakalpa

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The young Indian prodigy Nihal Sarin had another firsts of sorts by bagging a huge sponsorship deal with the Indian brand Akshayakalpa based out of Bangalore, India. More details on the article found below.

nihal signing 01
Credits- Nihal Sarin Records 


nihal signing 03
Credits- Nihal Sarin Records 

GM Harikrishna Pentala’s French Toast!

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Yes, you heard it right. Grandmaster Harikrishna Pentala is baking up his own French Toast recipe for the first time! Now, it’s not like we’re doubting his cooking skills, but today’s not a day to be fooled! The Indian stalwart has released his first online course on the French Defense on the Chess Able platform. This viewer-friendly course has all the ways for one to remember numerous variations in the French line that the super grandmaster suggests. Moreover, it gives his personal collection to the general population to get a taste of what it is like to prepare at the very top.

Although the course isn’t free of cost, it isn’t priced that high that one would miss it for a personal training with a solid player. With these benefits in hand, chessable, the course provider, also instills a method of coaching that is one of a kind with drills to remember what one has learnt in the videos. It also has numerous other books and video training options, so do check them out!

Devachess wishes chessable the best in their mission to become a world renowned chess course provider and hope to continue partnering with them in their endeavours. Visit their website to know more!


An Interview with GM Akshat Chandra…..

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Sportskeeda published my interview with GM Akshat Chandra on his life in chess and beyond. Click on the link below to find out more!